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Rated PG   ·   Status: COMPLETE!
Reads right to left, Japanese style!


These are free for you to download and use on forums, messengers, etc. If you design avs, sigs or any other graphics, feel free to email them to me and I'll put them up here.

· "This Love" ~ Angela Aki song
· "Eternal" ~ Rose image from
· "San Antone" ~ Charley Pride song (Cal hates this av! lol)
· "Mahou no Kotoba" ~ Do As Infinity song
· "On and On" ~ Angela Aki song

Contributed by Josh:

Contributed by Cal:

· 6th avatar: the kanji is "ai," meaning "love." I think. lol

Contributed by Redfur_Akamaru:

Contributed by Micah:

Contributed by LadyDove:

Contributed by Otterluv:

Contributed by Danica:

Contributed by Tatsuko:

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