Who are you?

A crazy young Christian woman with too many cats, too many stories, and slow artistic skills. lol

What is manga?

Japanese comics. Comparatively, the levels of detail between manga and western comics are different in different ways. Manga does have a nicer panel flow than most western comics though...sometimes.

Where did this crazy story come from?

Well, it all started about twenty-something years ago...no wait, wrong story. Actually, some of the elements were ongoing plots from a chat rpg my sister and I used to play. Almost every character in the manga came from this in some way or another.

Oh yeah? So who's based on who?

Sorry, it's a secret. X3

How many references to video games are there?

That's a good question. There are a lot of tiny things, mostly like action figures on Sonia's shelf, or the labels on the front door to Greenwood Games. I tried to keep a record of everything, but since I started this partway through the endeavor, the number will probably vary from what's actually there. Wiseguys can feel free to email me with all the references they can find and I'll tell them if they got them all or not. Beware of inside references and original character references that don't count. X3

Will you take requests/do a drawing for me?

Depends on what you're requesting. :) I guess it couldn't hurt to ask, but just bear in mind, if I DO accept, it's just that much longer that everyone has to wait for an update.

What tools do you use?

Well, this is kinda a detailed question. First I write the script, and for this I use a freeware program called Roughdraft. I think the site providing this has since gone offline, but I'm not sure. Then I draw the pages, using acid-free 9x12 paper. I don't use pro manga or doujin papers because I'm too cheap to buy them. lol I use 2H pencils, which accounts for the lightness of the lines, and they're easier to erase and don't smudge as much. For accessories, I have a quilting ruler (it's clear, so I can see lines underneath), a parallel glide (if you don't have one, get one!), and a number of shape templates and french curves. Then I scan the pages into the computer and use software like Photoshop and Manga Studio, more the latter than the former, to clean the pages, add ink, text and tone as necessary. I love Manga Studio. :3 But I don't like its text feature as much as its other features.

What happened to Steelblood?! Is GP replacing it?

No. SB will be finished, but at a later time. This is a better story anyway, imho, so enjoy it if you can. XD;

Will GP be published?

Probably not. I would like to keep something on christianmanga.com that's entirely intact. If someone gave me a really good offer (and I can't imagine why someone would do that...) I might cave in, buuut...probably not.

Can I use your art for...

Icons and "fan" things like banners, sigs, etc, are perfectly fine. You may not use the art to promote a product of any kind (including your own site) or in any way that can be construed as defamatory to the characters involved. Sorry I have to be nasty about it, but I would rather not see people taking advantage of any generosity of the image rights.

Okay, can I draw fanart or write fanfics, then?

I don't mind fanart at all. In fact, if you send it to me, I might open a fan section for people to contribute to, but perhaps that's wishful thinking. lol As far as fanfic is concerned, I'm not sure what you'd find to write about, but it would be interesting to see what you could do. No Locke x Kai pairings though, okay? It'll just make me laugh at you.