Which GP character are you most like?

1) To start off, who's your favorite character?


2) You got the day off! You spend it:

Baking a cake
Honing your mad hax0r skillz
Practicing your martial arts moves
Trying to level up your RPG character
Retiring to your room and working on your current projects.
Taking a nap
Going shopping, then coming home to listen to music

3) You won! What's your victory dance look like?

Flash a peace sign and wink to the crowd.
Spin in a circle and say something random and cute-sounding in Japanese. Even though you don't know Japanese.
Tell the world how wonderful you are for bringing forth the smackdown.
Quietly stand back and make sure the enemy won't rise again.
Just look smug and cool.
Twirl your weaponry in a cool way and hope you don't cut your hand off.
Brace yourself for the next fight.

4) Your favorite caffeinated drink! Go! (Thanks Ichara!)

Energy drinks, (ie, Red Bull)
European style cappuccinos, with expensive imported coffees
Cold green tea
Soda, (ie, Mt. Dew or Dr. Pepper)
Ramune, herbal tea, or caramel macchiatos
Straight black coffee
Can't tolerate caffeine, just water for me!

5) Your friends think of you as:

Quiet and shy
Cute and fashionable!
The most awesomest!
Follower, not a leader
Talented and confident
Enthusiastic and empathetic
Tough but friendly

6) What's your style?

Stylin', with just a touch of weird so you stand out!
Professional. Who wants to look like an ungroomed dork?
Normal. You want people to be taken aback by your personality, not your looks.
Just a little showy! The opposite sex needs SOMETHING to get their attention, after all.
Whatever everyone else is doing.
Hey, this outfit is cute! Look at the lace! It'll match my new shoes!
Whatever emphasizes my inner coolness.

7) Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A respectable job with a small family.
Family counselor with a big family!
Rock star!
Working as the president's official hacker who destroys the computer systems of rival nations
Fashion designer
Getting a black belt and opening my own martial arts classes
Hanging around, same ol'.

8) You encounter a really cute guy/girl. Next course of action is:

Sigh and watch them dreamily, hoping they notice you.
Shy away. You don't even know that person and you have nothing to say anyway.
You know someone else will make a fool of themselves, so wait until they do and step in for the rebound!
Bound right up and talk to them. You never know til you try!
Impress them with your mad skillz!
Act normal. It's the only way.
Blow kisses and wink.

9) Your RPG-style super power would be:

Fire. Burn up the enemy! Wahahaha!
Beautiful sparkly magic, preloaded in an elegant staff or wand. Perfect for mahou shoujo transformations!
Transform into a more powerful form and kick butt!
Subtle telekinesis. Who doesn't want to throw stuff around and make people crazy?
I'd be an inventor, so I could build whatever I needed and infuse it with elemental properties for later use.
Godzilla. Nuff said.
The power to blow up the planet! That'll take care of the evil! ...Wait, that's where I keep all my stuff. AGH!

10) You hide from the world:

Something that happened to you. No one cares about your pain anyway.
That you are self-conscious about your body (figure, hair, complexion, etc)
That you did something that hurt yourself and others.
That you planned to ruin people's lives.
That you are sometimes afraid and you don't want anyone to see your weakness.

11) Finally, what do you think of this quiz?

It's okay.
I'm gonna go back and try to figure out how to get every possible result!
Meh, I could do better.
*is sleeping and never finishes*
More questions!
I'll program another one with different questions, smaller code and a better GUI...hey, anyone want a standalone app for this?

This test was adapted from code found on the Earthbound personality test and Wayrift FFIV manga sites. Feel free to take and share it.

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